Miss Rose Matte Lipstick 12 Colors Available

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Product Description & Features:

– The clear and light-textured product with unique color pigments can create pure and intense color, so the original lip color will be covered and the lip lines will be relieved effectively
– It’s nourishing, color-sustaining, water-replenishing and water-retaining with the watery base formula, and it can nourish and care for the skin on lips with a long-lasting effect
– It’s a multi-purpose lipstick which can serve as a blusher to make your event memorable
– This is not a 2 in 1 product. It has a lipstick pen on one end only
– 6 popular eye-catching colors available, nude color system, meet your different needs
– Give yourself a glamorous makeup look using Miss Rose Matte Moisturizing Lipsticks
– Provides Long-Lasting & Nourishing Touch
– Keeps the lips soft and moisturized


Miss Rose


1 Packet of 1 Lipstick


39: Muss
40: Inked Heart
43: Rows
46: Love Bug
47: Bel Air
52: Americano

Additional information


33 orchid, 34, 38 Hana, 39 muss, 40 inked heart, 43 rows, 44 taupe, 45 time square, 46 love bug, 47 bel air, 48 Beeper, 49 chii, 52 Americano, chicful, loved, lris, monica, passion, smoked rose


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