Rivaj UK Charcoal Foaming Wash Whitening Oil Free Detoxifying

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Rivaj UK Charcoal Foaming Wash Whitening Oil-Free Detoxifying

Rivaj UK charcoal foaming wash whitening oil-free product is a gentle face wash that whitens skin instantly and has anti-aging properties. This face wash is a 150 ml tube. The benefits of this most popular beauty whitening face wash include purifying deep cleansing and glowing look of your face. It brings a natural freshness on your face. It is a perfect solution for all skin types. Rivaj Uk is a well known cosmetic brand. We all have something on our makeup tables with the tag of Rivaj on it.


– Brand: Rivaj UK
– Contains 150 ml tube
– Whitening Oil-Free Detoxifying
– Natural Charcoal
– Purifying Deep Cleansing
– High-quality product
– Highest quality material
– Premium quality
– Professional makeup artist use it
– Smooth finishing
– It is perfect for both beginners and professional makeup artist

Usage Instructions:

– Use twice a day, morning and night
– Lather between palms with tepid water
– Massage all over the damp skin to remove dirt and oil
– Rinse well and towel dry


– For external use only
– Discontinue usage if the sign of irritation appear
– Keep out of the children reach

Package Include:

1 box of 150 ml tube


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